Safeguards in Dentistry

One title I never expected to have in my life was that of Home School Teacher, but that is what I am doing while observing the recommendations to socially distance during these uncertain times. Dental offices all over our region and the country have made the difficult decision to close our doors in order to assist in helping prevent a mass spread of the virus. Dentists see a wide range of people, from the 20-year-old college student to the medically compromised 75 year old, living with Diabetes, Hypertension, and many other ailments.
The latter are the men and women we are hoping to protect, the ones who would be in most need of care at the hospital.

Eventually, dental practices around the state will open their doors and return to treating patients, albeit with a different set of parameters.

When it is safe to return for dental treatment you should expect a new set of precautions, at least until the virus is controlled. Some of the precautions will include;

  • being asked not to arrive early for your appointment
  • having your temperature taken, even if you feel fine
  • asking you to wash your hands prior to sitting in the chair
  • rinsing with a solution containing hydrogen peroxide, as well as not bringing personal effects to your appointment.

You may also notice that magazines have been removed from the reception area and operations moving a little slower than what you’ve come to expect. Be confident that your safety and the safety of the staff will be treated with the highest regard.

We thank you for your understanding in advance and look forward to getting back to work when the time is right.

Originally printed in Wykoff Living

Expert Contributor to Wyckoff Living

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